Best Label Makers

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Updated September 2020

DYMO LabelManager 420P Label Maker


4.1 / 5
8985 Reviews
  • Portable, Handheld & Rechargeable
  • Large Back-lit Screen Shows up to 4 Lines of Text
  • Connects to PC or Mac for Added Label Editing
  • Prints UPC E, Code 39, Code 128, EAN 13, EAN 8, UPC A

DYMO is one of the most recognized brands on the label maker market. Their DYMO LabelManager 420P is a portable and rechargeable high-performance label maker that is perfect for all types of text and bar codes. We feel it is one of the best label makers for its stellar performance and handheld size.

The LabelManager 420P has a large back-lit screen that shows 4 lines of text to preview its 200+ symbols, 8 different fonts, 7 text sizes, and 10 text styles. For even more text and styling options through the DYMO productivity software, you can connect the 420P to your PC or Mac with the included USB cord.

Label types are nearly unlimited with the ability to print on standard labels, vinyl labels, flexible vinyl labels, and even water-resistant labels. This portable unit supports label widths ranging from ¼ to ¾ inches. DYMO also created a great interface on the 420P, with quick access to saved labels for easy repeat printing. With the DYMO 420P you can print just about any label for any object or project.

Brother P-touch PTD210 Label Maker


4.5 / 5
4777 Reviews
  • Best Value Label Maker
  • Store up to 30 Labels for Quick Printing
  • 14 Fonts & 27 Quick Print Templates
  • View Label On-screen Before Printing

The Brother company is known around the world for quality printers, scanners, and label makers. Their P-touch PTD210 is an easy-to-use and highly functional desk label maker loaded with features. Let your creativity flow with 27 templates, 14 fonts, 10 font styles, 97 frames, and over 600+ symbols that are all preinstalled. Frames are added borders and designs you can add to a label to showcase a personal touch.

This unit is an updated old-school label maker machine with a large back-lit LED screen for previewing the label before printing. The Brother tape dispenser used for printing is up to ½ inch in width, water resistant and fade resistant. The large type pad on the P-touch has quick access buttons and holds 30 labels in memory for faster reprinting.

As a standalone label maker, it can be run off AAA batteries or from a wall outlet. If you need a simple yet highly reliable desktop label maker, the P-touch PTD210 is our choice. We highly recommend it for the classroom since it’s made to sit on a desk or counter-top, and comes loaded with so many printable styles.

Epson LabelWorks LW-300 Label Maker


4.4 / 5
834 Reviews
  • 14 Fonts, 300+ Symbols & over 75 Frames
  • Save up to 30 Files/Label for Quick Access
  • Specialty Labels: Glow-in-the-dark, Reflective & More
  • Prints up to 2 Lines of Text on 0.5" Wide Tape

Since Epson is a leader in the printing industry, it only makes sense that they would be able to produce a label maker that is highly efficient, effective, productive, and creative. The LabelWorks LW-300 from Epson is stylish and perfect for any business, home office, or any organized lifestyle.

This Epson label maker holds 14 fonts, 10 font styles, 300+ built-in symbols, and over 75 fun frames. It’s perfect for creating professional labels in seconds for any type of surface. Save up to 60% less waste with a smaller lead margin that quietly prints labels with a split back for easy and fast peeling.

Weighing only 1.52 lbs, the LW-300 unit can be stored on any surface and can be used with glow-in-the-dark, reflective, iron-on, and decorative label tapes. With the ability to set the language preferences you can print labels in multiple languages.

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer


4.8 / 5
2325 Reviews
  • Prints 4-Line Address Labels at 71 per Minute
  • Direct Thermal Printing - No Ink, Ribbon or Toner
  • Create Labels Directly From PC or Mac
  • Prints USPS-Approved Postage Labels

If you are looking to boost productivity and keep costs low, then a thermal label printer like the DYMO LabelWriter 450 is your best option. DYMO is a leader in the industry since 1958 and their reputation is imprinted in each of these units.

This softball sized thermal label maker uses a printer roll to economically print large volumes of bulk labels. Create large labels best for shipping, ID badges, large barcodes, name badges, and binders. The LabelWriter 450 interfaces with both Macs and PCs for easy printing directly from any program like Word, Excel, or image and PDF files.

Thermal label makers print directly to the label by using heat and do not require any ink. You will only need to replace the label rolls when you run out. The DYMO 450 prints at an advanced speed allowing up to 51 labels per minute to be created. This small desktop label maker is great for the office or anywhere large labels are required.

Brady BMP21-PLUS Industrial Label Printer


4.6 / 5
491 Reviews
  • Best High-end Label Printer
  • 6 Available Font Sizes (6 to 40 point)
  • Produces Continuous Labels up to 3/4" Wide
  • Shock & Vibration Tested per MIL-STD-810G

With industrial in the name, you know it’s built for tough jobs. The Brady BMP21-Plus Industrial Label Maker is tested for all types of tough jobs. Built to last and be used on the job site, the BMP21-Plus passed shock and vibration testing per MIL-STD-810G standards. That is pretty impressive for a label maker.

This standalone device prints in 203 dpi to create continuous multi-line labels for wiring, breaker boxes, communications, and general ID labeling. Barcodes are also supported for Code 39 and Code 128. Labels can be printed on tape between .25 and .75 inches in width. Print on rugged materials that include 10-year outdoor vinyl, chemical resistant, nylon cloth, heat shrink, and self-laminating wire IDs.

If you are in the weeds at work and need labels that are specific to an industrial application, then the Brady BMP21-Plus is an excellent option paired with its long-lasting Li-ON battery (sold separately).

Buying the Best Label Maker

A label maker is exactly what you think it is. It’s a small handheld or medium sized tabletop device that spits out a variety of different styled writing on tape that could be adhesive, iron-on, and possibly water resistant.

The significance of a label maker, though, is rooted in its organizational power. A label maker is the unsung hero of any large office, small office, or any home junk drawer.

You can easily turn any unknown pantry item, blank box, water bottle, shipped product, file folder, office container, or literally any surface into your home or office into a labeled location. Think of the possibilities!

So, now that you are convinced that label makers are literally a life game changer, you need to know how to pick the right one.

Label Maker Features

There are only a handful of label maker companies but, each company has multiple versions for different needs. So, it is easy to type in label maker into a search engine and be inundated with products.

Buy smart, do your homework first. Use the following discussion of significant label maker features to help guide you through the product forest.

Screen Size: The bigger the screen size the better. A large screen will give you the ability to see larger text and see more options on the screen. You don’t want to be staring down at a micro screen that is unreadable. Look for screens that have multiple lines of text, though there are good options on the market with just one.

Rechargeable Battery: Depending on whether you will be moving the label maker around a lot you need to consider the power source. Most label makers run on regular batteries, rechargeable batteries, or plug into a wall outlet. The rechargeable battery option is the best of both worlds. It allows for free movement and doesn’t require buying a stockpile of single-use batteries.

Keyboard Layout: You should understand the importance of a comfortable keyboard by now after five minutes of texting on a smart phone. Look for ones with logic layouts and buttons that are easily pressed.

Side-cut Labels: You may not realize this but cutting a straight line can be hard. That is why it is better that the machine has a side cutting tool that will cut the ribbon straight for you so you don’t need to fuss with scissors.

Number of Printable Lines: What if you need the text on two lines instead of one super long line? Well, there are some great label makers on the market that support multiple lines of text. These labels make for better looking labels as well.

Types of Tape: There should never just be one option for tape style. Sometimes you will need waterproof tape, or super sticky tape, or even iron on tape. Industrial tapes made for rugged jobs include outdoor vinyl, nylon cloth, heat shrink and chemical resistant polyester tapes.

Text Styles: One font style is never enough. You should have options like any word processor with multiple styles of fonts for the specific project at hand. Most devices support multiple font styles and even languages.

Barcode Options: If you are sending products or goods for your business many of the more modern styled label makers can print bar codes straight onto the tape for easy information or product tracking or data transfer.

Before purchasing a label maker for barcodes, make sure the unit supports the Code your labels are generated in, such as Code 39 or Code 128.

Device Connectivity: With more devices becoming more integrated it just makes sense that a label maker should be able to connect to your computer or smart phone for easy text customization and editing.

This allows you to use software such as Word or Excel to create more advanced and customized labels.