Best Electric Pressure Washers

Updated December 2020

Consumers turn to Buyers Trend to find the best products at the best price. Our top picks for electric pressure washers are data-driven by user reviews and popularity trends from across the web.

Sun Joe

4.5 / 5
9421 Reviews

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

  • Best Selling Electric Power Washer
  • 1800-Watt Motor Generates up to 2030 PSI
  • Automatically Shuts Off on Trigger Release
  • Full 2-Year Sun Joe No-Hassle Warranty

Briggs & Stratton

4.3 / 5
306 Reviews

Briggs & Stratton S1800 Electric Pressure Washer

  • Max 1800 PSI at 1.1 GPM
  • Large Integrated Detergent / Soap Tank
  • 25-Foot Flexible High Power Hose
  • 12 Month Warranty Backed by 100-Year Company

Sun Joe

4.4 / 5
1293 Reviews

Sun Joe SPX4000-PRO Electric Pressure Washer

  • Dual Power Settings: 1450 PSI / 2030 PSI
  • 5 Quick-Connect Spray Tips Included
  • Light-weight at Just Under 28 lbs
  • Metal Tube Frame & Durable Wheels


4.4 / 5
263 Reviews

Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer

  • 2,050 PSI Max Pressure at 1.4 GPM
  • Detaches from Cart (Optional Wall Mount Kit)
  • Brass Hose Connectors to Prevent Leaks
  • Includes Nozzles & Soap Dispenser


4.3 / 5
459 Reviews

Paxcess 2150 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

  • 1800-Watt Motor Generates up to 2150 PSI at 1.85 GPM
  • All-In-One Twist Nozzle to Adjust Water Stream
  • Hose Reel with 26-Foot High Pressure Hose
  • Metal Hose Connectors & Wand to Prevent Leaks

Electric Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Your weekend begins with a hot cup of coffee and a quick look at the weather. You know what’s on the “Honey do” list, but you really don’t want to spend the day either scrubbing the driveway with a steel wire brush or renting a pressure washer to do the job more quickly, but the hassle. Ugh! Still, it’s got to be done to maintain peace in the house and keep the HOA off of your back. So what do you do?

Did you ever think of buying your own electric pressure washer? It’s really not a bad idea with the prices having come down and the options having gone up. So what features will you need your personal electric pressure washer to have?

Electric Pressure Washer Features

Features are important when you decide on what electric power washer you want to purchase. The greater the range of the features you want, the higher that price will fly.

Are you just looking for the cheapest out there or would you like to be able to adjust the pressure? Do you want one with wheels to make it easier to tote around the driveway or exterior of your house?

Maybe you can get a larger unit and just attach it to the wall of your garage. These are just a few of the options you must consider before you price your electric pressure washer.

Most electric pressure washers are quieter than their gasoline powered cousins and they will all save on that water bill as they flow less water than your typical garden hose.

An average garden hose allows water to flow at a rate of 5 – 10 GPM (gallon per minute) at a pressure of 30 – 50 PSI (pounds per square inch). A light duty residential pressure washer uses 1.6 GPM at a pressure of 1750 PSI. That’s a huge difference.

Pressure Washer Nozzles

You must also consider what types of nozzles you will be using with your electric pressure washer. As a general rule when you double the distance the water must travel, you halve the power of that water flow thus lessening the cleaning.

Now not all nozzles will work with all electric pressure washers so you have to make sure you have the correct nozzle for the right washer. There are many types of electric pressure washer nozzles such as 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and the 65-degree nozzle.

But wait, there’s more! You have Rotary Turbo Pressure Washer Nozzles and Pressure Washer Adjustable Nozzles too. The last gives you the greatest versatility when using your electric pressure washer.

Size, Power (PSI) & Price

Electric pressure washers come in a variety of sizes and strengths from ones that will create a PSI of 1300 up to ones with a PSI of 1700. These won’t be able to match the power that gasoline powered pressure washers can generate, but most jobs around the average house only need a PSI max of 1700, not the 2000 to 4000 PSI of a gas powered pressure washer. All that means is it will take a little longer to clean that greasy smear off your driveway, but it will give you the ability to clean your vinyl siding.

You can get smaller electric pressure washers which you can carry as you would a bucket for smaller jobs or get ones which come on two wheels so you can tote them out of the garage to clean the driveway and then roll them back into the garage until they are needed next. It all really depends upon how much room you have in your garage and how much money you wish to spend on this little wonder.

The price range on electric pressure washers varies from a very affordable $99 to over $299. However, most that you will need for jobs around the house get no more expensive than a few hundred dollars and virtually all come with at least a 2 year warranty.

So look closely at the job at hand for next weekend and then decide how much of your time you’d like to spend on your driveway. Then do a little shopping for an electric pressure washer and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.