Best Charcoal Grills

Updated December 2020

Consumers turn to Buyers Trend to find the best products at the best price. Our top picks for charcoal grills are data-driven by user reviews and popularity trends from across the web.


4.7 / 5
1936 Reviews

Weber 14402001 Original Kettle Premium 22" Charcoal Grill

  • 363 Square Inch Cooking Surface
  • Plated Steel Hinged Cooking Grate
  • Built-in Lid Thermometer & Heat Control
  • Removable Ash Catcher for Easy Cleaning


4.5 / 5
665 Reviews

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe 22" Charcoal Grill

  • Upgrade from the Weber 14402001 Model
  • Push Button Charcoal Ignition System
  • Added Surface Area for Food Prep
  • Weather Protected Charcoal Storage Bin


4.4 / 5
847 Reviews

Char-Griller E1515 Patio Pro Charcoal Grill

  • Best Charcoal Grill for Small Spaces or Patios
  • 250 Square Inches of Cooking Space
  • Wood Handle & Side Shelf
  • Easy Empty Ash Catcher


4.7 / 5
1253 Reviews

Weber Jumbo Joe 18" Portable Charcoal Grill

  • Best Portable Charcoal Grill
  • Compact & Lightweight for On-the-go
  • Aluminum Ash Catcher
  • Lid Lock Keeps Lid off the Ground


4.4 / 5
261 Reviews

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill

  • 22.5" Porcelain Coated Cooking Grate
  • Produces More Heat with Less Charcoal
  • Slide-out Ash Bowl for Easy Cleanup
  • Hinged Lid with Built-in Thermometer

Charcoal Grill Buying Guide

The weather is changing. There is warmth just around the corner and we will all be able to go outside without having to put on jackets, hats and mittens. Heck, Memorial Day isn’t that far off either. So what do we need to do to get ready?

Some will try to get that summer body in shape so they can look good in a bathing suit. Others will get out all their warm weather clothes and see what still fits them, and what doesn’t. These all sound like fine ideas, but you’re missing the forest for the trees if your first response wasn’t “I’ve got to get a good charcoal grill.”

Grilling over hot coals while sipping on a beverage or a cold beer is a rite of passage for all people no matter where you live. There’s just something primal about cooking meat over a hot grill, plus you don’t have to clean pots and pans when you grill out. What a bonus for you and your partner.

So how do you choose a charcoal grill over a propane grill, and which one do you buy? That can be a very difficult decision to make. The type of decision which even Steven Hawking would need time to contemplate.

Charcoal Grill Features to Consider

There are many different issues to be considered prior to your purchase.

  • Are you the kind of person who invites everyone over for a grilling party or do you just grill for your family?
  • What types of foods do you like to grill?
  • Do you just want a grill for this year or are you looking at getting a charcoal grill which will survive the test of time?

Charcoal Grill Size & Shape

Let’s start with the easiest of these ideas, how large of a grill do you need? Charcoal grills normally range from 120 square inches all the way to 700 square inches.

If you want something fit for smaller patios or balconies and is able to prepare four burgers or chicken breasts at a time, 177 square inches is a standard size that would suit your needs. However, if you’re the kind of person who invites the whole neighborhood, then you’d need to get the larger grill around 600 to 700 square inches. 

But what other measurements should you consider? Don’t forget the height and girth of your charcoal grill. Unless you love stooping over a hot grill or placing your little grill on a table of some sort, try to get one that is about waist height.

Also, consider the shape of the grill. Most charcoal grills are spherical in shape so that it works as a parabolic reflector of the heat generated by the charcoal. So it won’t fit flat against a wall or fence. You can find square charcoal grills, of course, but they are few and far between.

Charcoal Grill Cleaning & Storage

Do you want to personally have to remove the ashes every time you use your grill? Some charcoal grills come with a removable ash catcher attachment which is designed so that the ashes fall through the vents in the bottom of the grill onto a tray or into a tiny little bucket. Then you just remove the catcher and dump the ashes wherever you see fit. No fuss, no muss.

If you plan on keeping your charcoal grill outside until you use it, then try to find one made with rust resistant materials so as to lengthen its life. You can always get a grill cover which will keep the rain and pollen off of your little friend, but that won’t keep Mr. Rust at bay for long.

Also you will need to choose a charcoal grill with or without wheels. Let me put it this way: without wheels, you’ll need to let it cool down before putting it away. If the grill has wheels then you can wheel it away or move it to a safe location while it’s still hot.

Price Range for a Good Charcoal Grill

You can find the most basic of charcoal grills for around $30, a middle of the road grill for between $50 to $80 or you can splurge and get the top of the line charcoal grill for well over $500. I guess it all just depends upon how much you’re looking to spend. But for something like a quality grill, please remember the old adage; you get what you pay for.